11” Flat Micromesh Gutter Guards – Copper – $38.50 per ft



60″ x 11 1/4″ (per 5 ft. section)


5 lbs (per 5 ft. section)


Aluminum / Stainless Steel Mesh

Copper / Brush Mesh


3-4 days domestic via USPS

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Micromesh Gutter Guards- The Ultimate Gutter Protection In New Jersey and Ohio

Perfect for homes with metal, flat, or vintage roofs that have permanent shingles.

 Suitable with gutter systems that use 5″ gutters, including those using K-style, half-round, and box-type gutters in 5″, 6″, and 7″ size

 A unique pressing procedure securely fastens mesh to the aluminum frame for a smooth, durable structure.

 American-made, painted aluminum (0.27 gauge thickness).

 Comes in a 5-foot length and installs right over your gutters.

✓ Reduces the risk of flooding from excessive rainfall

✓ Effectively prevents the buildup of debris such as leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, insects, seeds, birds, and shedding pets.

✓ Resistant to weathering, corrosion, and everyday usage

✓ Minor roof damage and leaks

✓ Come in 16 colors, including copper.

 Fewer screws are needed, only two for the back and three to four for the front drip edge.

 12″ zip screws in coordinating colors are included.

 Resellable; Original Packaging Required for Return Unused; 35-Year Warranty

Overlap notching connection technique simplifies installation



Made in the U.S.A. throughout each possible manner. To create micromesh, manufacturers use thick, coated metal (.027 gauge). There are 12 different zipper screws to choose from, all of which are available in matching colors. Micromesh is constructed with two bands, one around each side, to ensure the user’s security and facilitate the setup process. There are no protruding parts that could scratch or puncture your roof. Our most durable flat micromesh gutter guards in New Jersey and Ohio can handle even extremely bad weather.

Using state-of-the-art pressing equipment, Micromesh’s stainless steel mesh is compacted into the aluminum frame. A 1″ margin notching system is put on top of each other after gutter guard installation to create long-lasting, seamless transitions between pieces. As rain falls, it won’t corrode the micromesh and cause flooding.

Even the worst weather is no match for our strongest Micromesh. Ladder gutter guards have become obsolete in modern society. In addition to preventing the buildup that causes clogged gutters, micromesh gutter guards offer protection against the hazard of gutter collapse.

KEEPS EVERYTHING OUT – Micromesh keeps leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, dirt, pollen, seeds, birds, pests, and furry friends from entering the roofline while handling the heaviest downpours and other harsh weather conditions. PLUS… it solves leakage problems, allowing absolutely no leak stains or marks. It also stops birds and squirrels from building nests in your gutters. SMALLER HOLES slow down heavy rain so that EXCESSIVE WATER WILL NOT OVERFLOW.


A self-installation micromesh is an option (Do It Yourself).

It’s best to get some help from an expert with this. I would say that fashion is on trend. For the front drip edge, you’ll need only three or four screws, and for the back, just two. The length of Micromesh 5″ is 5 feet. Existing metal, flat, or shingle roofs, as well as residential or commercial gutters of the same size, are all suitable for installation.

PEACE OF MIND – We won’t have to use dangerous ladder work to clean out your gutters again. Don’t worry about your gutters ever again. Flat Micromesh may be molded to fit any kind of gutter and is effective against dust and debris of any size. There are sixteen different tones available from us. Gutter longevity is increased when a flat micromesh is attached to the gutter. You don’t have to worry about these guards collapsing under the weight of snow and ice because they are exceptionally sturdy.

LIFETIME AND TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY – Product of the USA, constructed of Stainless Steel Mesh and Painted Aluminum 0.27 inches thick. Warranty that can be transferred forever and lasts for 35 years. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, buying Micromesh protectors is risk-free. After our installation is finished, your roof will be undamaged and free of leaks, we promise. Neither corrosion nor fading will affect the coated aluminum’s inherent colors.


Click here for a printable version of the Installation Guide

flat micromesh installation guide

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Black, Clay, Cream, Dark Bronze, Dark Gray, Eggshell, Forest Green, High-gloss White, Light Gray, Musket Brown, Royal Brown, Sandcastle, Scotch Red, Teretone, Wicker


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