5” & 6” Half Round Pro Gutter Guards – Colors – $3.75 per ft



60″ x 6″ (per 5 ft. section)


1.85 lbs (per 5 ft. section)




3-4 days domestic via USPS

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Waterlock Half Round Pro Gutter Guards- Weather Resistant Gutter Protection


 Designed to be installed on asphalt shingle roofs that are less than 5 years old and gutters that have recently been replaced.

 Compatible with all guttering systems, including 5″, 6″, and 7″ K designs, as well as box-type gutters and copper gutter.

 Produced in the United States of America, painted aluminum with a thickness of 0.27 gauge.

 Comes five feet in length.

 Easy installation via an interlocking connection system that fits under the first shingle.

 Double-rib frame strongest in the market

Prevents severe rainwater overflow

✓ Drip-edge technology diverts the water to prevent mildew and dirt stains on your gutters’ front.

✓ Prevents clogs and keeps out leaves, twigs, bugs, seeds, birds, and furry pets.

✓ Will not rust or corrode.

✓ No roof damage or leaks after installation.

 16 colors including copper.

 The front drip edge requires 4 screws and the back slides under the shingle.

 Color-matched 1/2 zip screws provided.

 Transferable; 35-Year Warranty and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee with Original Packaging Unused



Made in the USA (100%). The heavy 0.027 gauge painted aluminum used in the interlocking connection system is simple to set up. There are color-coordinated 12 zip screws on hand. The copper half round gutter is double banded for safety and glides under the shingle for a hassle-free installation that won’t damage your roof. Drip-edge technology is used to deflect water away from the front of gutters, preventing mold growth and dirt stains. You don’t have to worry about half round copper gutter rusting or wearing out over time. Forget about having to climb a ladder every time it rains thanks to the copper gutter guard, which regulates water flow and slows down the flow of strong downpours to ensure there is NO OVERFLOW. You won’t have to worry about your gutters being clogged again thanks to our gutter guards.

KEEPS EVERYTHING OUT – The Waterlock Pro can withstand intense rain and other severe weather while preventing debris like leaves, twigs, seeds, birds, vermin, and animal pets from penetrating the roof. Moreover, it prevents leaks and leaves no stains or scars. Additionally, it prevents animals like birds and squirrels from utilizing your gutters as nesting sites. Water from torrential downpours can be slowed by smaller holes, preventing an excessive overflow.

EASY INSTALLATION – Waterlock Pro’s interlocking connection technology is simple and straightforward, but installation is best left to the pros. Only 4 screws are needed for the front drip edge, and the back one simply glides under the shingle. Compatible with existing metal, flat, or shingle roofs, as well as 5″ and 6″ residential and commercial gutters, K-Style hangers, half-round, box type, and more. NATIONAL INSTALLATION of 0.27-gauge ALUMINUM PRODUCTS. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET…… YOUR HOUSE.

PEACE OF MIND – Climbing up on unstable ladders to remove filth from your gutters is a thing of the past. Waterlock Pro is available in 5-foot pieces, may be installed under the first shingle, and is compatible with all gutter styles (including K-Style and box cutter). It comes in 16 distinct hues. When installed, Waterlock Pro reinforces the entire gutter system, making it capable of withstanding snow and ice.

LIFETIME AND TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY – U.S.-Made Painted-Aluminum-0.27-G Product of USA. Permanently transferrable Warranty for 35 Years There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your purchase of Waterlock Pro guards is completely risk-free because of the accompanying guarantee. We guarantee that your roof will remain undamaged and that there will be no leaks in the future thanks to the way we install it. The coated metal will retain its original color and resist corrosion for its entire service life.

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Click here for a printable version of the Installation Guide

waterlock pro installation guide


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Black, Clay, Cream, Dark Bronze, Dark Gray, Eggshell, Forest Green, High-gloss White, Light Gray, Musket Brown, Royal Brown, Sandcastle, Scotch Red, Teretone, Wicker


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