Flat Micromesh Gutter Guards – White – $5.55 per ft


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 Designed to be installed with new gutters, asphalt shingle roofs newer than 5 years old

 Fits all types of gutter systems including 5”, 6” and 7” K styles, half round and box type gutters

 Thick .027 gauge painted aluminum manufactured in the USA

 Comes in 5-foot sections and fits right on top of the gutter, sliding under the starting shingle (starter strip)

 Innovative pressing technology like no other that secures mesh into aluminum frame safely and allows for seamless and strong transitions

✓ Slows down heavy rain flow & prevents water overflow

✓ Keeps out leaves, pine needles, shingle debris, pests, seeds, birds, furry friends & prevents clogging

✓ Will not corrode or rust or degrade over time

✓ No damage to your roof during installation and no future leakages

 Available in 16 color options including copper

✓ Only 2 screws needed for the drip-edge front section & the back slides right under the starting shingle

 Color-matched ½ zip screws included

 Life Time Transferable 35 Year Warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with Original Packaging Unused

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Black, Clay, Cream, Dark Bronze, Dark Gray, Eggshell, Forest Green, High-gloss White, Light Gray, Musket Brown, Royal Brown, Sandcastle, Scotch Red, Teretone, Wicker


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